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As a newborn photographer, one of the greatest honors is photographing another photographers baby. I first met Jodi, of Perfect Focus Photography, last year for coffee. At the time both of us were expecting! Jodi was expecting her fourth and the gender was a surprise! I think it’s so exciting to wait until baby is born to find out the gender. She already had three beautiful girls. Jodi ended up having another beautiful girl! Newborn baby Katrina came for her session back in May. Katrina is such an adorable baby with the most perfect chubby cheeks! I absolutely love chubby babies and their adorable little rolls. When Jodi, Katrina’s mom, first sent me a photo of her new bundle of joy – I may have squealed a little bit. I couldn’t wait to photograph her!
For Katrina’s newborn photography session, we used some beautiful grey’s, cream’s, and pink’s. Katrina looked perfect in every color. To start, we posed her on one of my favorite textured grey fabric backdrops. After this Katrina decided sleep was overrated and wanted to see what was going on. It took a while to get her back to sleep, but when she did we were able to get a few more adorable poses. One of my favorite images that we were able to get of Katrina is of her in a rustic style basket. She fit so perfectly into it, and looked so peaceful.
Here are some of my favorite images that we got of newborn baby girl Katrina.

Props by: AR Backdrops, Veronika G Designs, Duckly and Juicy DesignsLittle Olive UK, Posing Pod, TFJ Designs, Original Photoblocks Props

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Adorable newborn baby girl Willa was such a treat to photograph! She was such a tiny little thing with the most unique and beautiful features! She also had such amazing hair! For Willa’s newborn session, her mom requested pinks and creams. These two colors are some of my favorite to use and by far my most requested. I loved how the soft tone of blush pink looked with Willa’s gorgeous skin tone. We started out using a soft and fuzzy pink backdrop for those cute curly newborn poses. Willa looked amazing in both bonnets and headbands. I love to give parents a variety in their gallery by including both a bonnet and a headband for each pose if possible. After posing baby Willa on the beanbag, we moved on to one of my all time favorite poses on a pink flokati rug. I love how babies look like a little egg in the potato sac pose. Lastly, we used some cream layers for a pose of Willa in a bamboo basket – these images I think were my favorite from Willa’s session! It really highlighted her beautiful features. I truly enjoyed photographing newborn baby girl Willa and here are a few of my favorites from her mini session.
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For a newborn photographer, one of the greatest honors is to have a family come back for their second baby’s photography session. I have had the privilege of capturing so many amazing moments in Cara and Bishoi’s life – including maternity, newborn, gender reveal, and another newborn session. They are such a wonderful family! We always have lots of laughs during their sessions and they are so much fun.
Newborn baby girl Gemma came for her newborn session when she was just seven days new. I always like to do family/sibling poses first as toddlers tend to be the most cooperative when they first arrive. Big sister Chloe was so sweet and it took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to snuggle with her little sister. Sometimes with sibling poses, I will have mom or dad lay right beside them so that they feel more comfortable. I know how special these are for mom and dad and how cherished these images will be.
For my work flow, after family images I like to move on to beanbag poses. The reason I like doing beanbag poses early on is because these can be the hardest to get since baby is not wrapped. If baby isn’t cooperating I will move on to wrapped poses and come back to beanbag if baby falls into a deep sleep. Newborn baby Gemma was absolutely amazing and we were able to get through my entire work flow without stirring too much.
For Chloe’s newborn session almost two years ago, we used the sweetest little cream romper with lace detailing – so of course we had to use the same for Gemma! We also used some beautiful pinks and creams so we chose a lot of the same tones for little sister Gemma’s newborn session. Here are some of my favorite images from Gemma’s portrait session.

Props by: Little Olive UK, Roses and Ruffles, Mia Joy Studio, AR Backdrops, Veronika G Designs, Myrtle and Moss Props, JD Vintage Props, Heart Strings by Susi, Original Photoblocks Props, Cwtchicoo, Lemon and Pearl Design

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Parker came for his newborn portrait session when he was just 13 days new! This little guy was such a cutie! He was one of the most alert baby’s I have photographed to date. Parker arrived nice and sleepy, but as soon as I began to pose him he woke right up and just wanted to see what was going on. The facial expressions Parker gave me were just priceless! After we were able to capture some adorable awake photos of Parker, we wrapped him up nice and snug. Parker fought sleep harder than almost any newborns I have photographed, but eventually we were able to lull him off to sleep and get some beautiful wrapped poses for his mom and dad. With any newborn portrait session, it’s very important to be flexible and adapt to every baby. Since sleep was obviously not on the list of priorities for newborn baby Parker, wrapping was the way to go.
Every newborn session is custom to each baby and for Parker’s session we used some beautiful blue’s and grey’s. I love mixing soft colors and classic neutrals as these images are timeless.
For every family I want to make sure and capture those fresh newborn details, so I took advantage of the short time that Parker was sleeping. Documenting these precious and fleeting times is such an important part of being a Calgary Newborn Photographer, and I absolutely love every minute of it!

Props by: Cwtchicoo, Original Photoblocks Props, Duckly and Juicy, Wild Blossom Props, Cloth Apothecary, Veronika G Designs

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Beautiful baby girl Leanna was my first newborn of 2017. Leanna and her family were amazing to photograph! They are such a stunning family! Leanna was born a little early, so we did her newborn session when she was about 4 weeks old. She was such an easy going newborn and made posing her a breeze!

For her session, we used pink, cream, purple, and peach. Leanna was a great little poser and made it easy to get some of my favorites! We were able to get a few adorable poses on the beanbag and Leanna looked so cute in a fuzzy angora bear bonnet. One of my absolute favorite photos from her session was in the potato sack pose where she gave us the sweetest little smile! Babies loves being wrapped up nice and snug and are always the happiest in this pose. These are some of my personal favorites from her newborn session.

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