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As the year 2017 comes to an end (I still have another hour and forty five minutes until midnight), I want to take the time to look back at some of the amazing memories over the past year. It has been an eventful year personally and professionally. I have had the privilege of photographing many newborn babies, milestones, family, and maternity sessions. This year I had many old clients return with their second baby – which is the biggest honor and privilege. I am sincerely grateful to all of the wonderful families that I have worked with this past year. The biggest change was welcoming our son (I still can’t seem to get used to that word!), Jacob Eli, into the world. I have always wanted two kids, and this year we made our family complete. Jacob has been such a joy, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 5 months as a family of four. Gabriella and Jacob are two of the most amazing kids and I feel so blessed! This year we also found out that my sister is expecting her second little boy. I was able to photograph her maternity session a few months ago before all of the snow came. I am very excited to meet their baby boy in the new year!
All of my clients this year have been so wonderful and patient! (And a big thank you to all of the dads who carried my gear up those big hills while I was pregnant!) Here are some of my favorite baby photos taken over the past year.


calgary baby photos

Thanks to everyone that has supported me over the past year and I look forward to many great things in 2018!

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For the past four years, I have been almost exclusively photographing newborn babies. This past year I ventured outside my comfort zone and did a few Calgary family photography sessions. As a mom of two, I know how cherished these family images are. Kids grow up so fast and documenting these memories is special. One of my favorite quotes is “sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. These moments with our children are so valuable. We cannot get this time back, and having these memories to look back on is important.

I met Martha a couple of years back. She is also a newborn photographer in Calgary. We immediately hit it off. Not only are we both Calgary newborn photographers, but Martha and I both have girls about the same age. Martha is a beautiful person inside and out: she is very down to earth, sweet and kind. I felt extremely honored when she asked me to photograph her family – and honestly a little nervous. Photographing a friend and fellow photographer can feel a little intimidating. We had such an amazing time for her session, full of many laughs. For family photography sessions, I like to take photos of the whole family together, each parent with the child/children, and then just the parents. The connection that Martha has with her family is truly breathtaking and I’m so glad I was able to capture these memories for her. These are some of my favorite images from her Calgary family photography session.

Nose Hill, Calgary Family Photography session Nose Hill, Calgary Family Photography session Nose Hill, Calgary Family Photography session Nose Hill, Calgary Family Photography session Nose Hill, Calgary Alberta family photography session Nose Hill, Calgary Alberta family photography session Nose Hill, Calgary Alberta couple photography session Nose Hill, Calgary Alberta couple photography session Nose Hill, Calgary Alberta couple photography session Nose Hill, Calgary Alberta couple photography session

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As a newborn photographer, I think it’s important to continue learning regardless of what point you are in your photography journey. A year after attending Nicole Smith Photography’s workshop (read about my experience here), hosted by Sandra Hill Photography in Brantford Ontario – I returned to do 3 on 1 mentoring with Sandra Hill. Sandra is a huge ‘photographer crush’ of mine. Her work is absolutely breathtaking and she poses with perfection. I have always admired how she keeps everything so simple and all about the beautiful baby. In my personal newborn photography style, I like to keep everything as pure as possible. I love those fresh newborn details and want baby looking natural.

My trip to Brantford was a fairly last minute decision and I am so glad it all came together (it was also great that I didn’t have very long to count down since I was so excited to go). For the day, we had two adorable newborn models (the hair on every baby was amazing!). We started with beanbag posing and I learned so many simple tips to help keep baby cozy and transition from poses as smoothly as possible. The close up shots are some of my favorite as it shows baby’s beautiful ‘fresh’ details. After doing poses on the beanbag, we learned some great techniques for photographing babies in props. One of the last things that we learned was the potato sack pose – this pose was actually one of the main reasons I wanted to mentor with Sandra. She makes it look so easy and having the correct wrap is of utmost importance for making this pose safe. In the year after mentoring with Sandra, this pose has become my most requested – and babies love it too because they stay nice and cozy!

The trip was over way too fast and I was sad it had to come to an end. I learned so much and would highly recommend Sandra’s workshop or mentoring to anybody looking to improve their newborn photography. Here are some of my favorite images taken during my trip. All images are styled and posed by Sandra, and photographed and edited by me.

Newborn Photography Calgary Calgary Newborn Photography Newborn Photography Workshop Beautiful newborn photos Sandra Hill Newborn Photos Sleeping newborn swaddled newborn photo Newborn Photography Workshop Newborn photography with props

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About two years ago I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Ontario to attend a newborn photography workshop with Nicole Smith Photography. It was a little bit of a last minute trip for me as someone was unable to attend and had to sell their seat. This was my first time away from my daughter and although it was sad to leave her, I was super ecstatic to be able to learn from the best! I have to admit I was a little starstruck as Nicole is quite the celebrity in the newborn photography world. Watching one of the greats in action was incredible – Nicole is truly the baby whisperer. To make an incredible weekend even better, the workshop was hosted by Sandra Hill! We were all in awe of ‘Sandra’s Wood Floor’ *swoon*.
The entire newborn photography workshop took about a day and a half, and it went by way too fast! I loved seeing firsthand how Nicole works her magic. The pose I was most excited about was the ‘froggy’. The safety of each baby is obviously of utmost importance, and it was great to learn some tips and tricks to make sure babies are super secure in this pose. I am excited to use all of these new tips and tricks!
I am a studio light photographer, but it was great to learn more about natural light. I definitely have new appreciation for natural light photographers, and wanted to come home and kiss my consistent light (not literally of course).
The little newborns that we had the privilege of photographing were just amazing! Every single baby had the most amazing hair! Here are some of the cuties we were able to photograph during the workshop (posed and styled by Nicole Smith, photographed and edited by me):

Baby girl newborn photography workshop newborn photo wearing bonnet newborn wearing pink bonnet newborn photography posing natural light newborn photography workshop Nicole Smith newborn photography workshop newborn wearing headband in newborn photography workshop baby in a basket mother and newborn photography workshop sleeping baby in hat newborn wrapped in fur

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I first met Jessica, Brandon, and Sawyer for a family/maternity session (view their session here). The gender of their baby was a surprise. They were thinking their baby might be a boy since Jessica’s pregnancies were different from with Sawyer. I was so excited to find out if their new baby was a boy or girl. They had a beautiful baby girl who they named Paige. Newborn baby girl Paige was absolutely beautiful with the most perfect features. For newborn sessions, I always start with sibling images first for newborn sessions. As a mom of two, I know how important these images are so I want to do my best to photograph these for parents. These poses are done pretty quickly, as the attention span of a toddler isn’t very long. Sawyer was such a great big sister and cooperated for just enough time to get a couple of beautiful images with Paige that I know her mom will love! Together, Sawyer and Paige looked so pretty on a pink flokati rug.
For Paige’s session we used the colors rose/pink and cream – perfect for a newborn baby girl. Paige was a dream to photograph. She slept so well for her newborn session, so we were able to get so many beautiful images. After finishing the family poses, we did some beautiful newborn photos of Paige on the beanbag with a rose colored backdrop, and then a cream textured backdrop fabric. Then we moved on to my favorite – the props! In each setup Paige looked absolutely stunning! Here are some of my favorite Calgary Newborn images from Paige’s session:


Props by: Little Olive UK, AR Backdrops, Lemon and Pearl Design, Roses and Ruffles, Veronika G Designs, JD Vintage Props, Myrtle and Moss Props, Original Photoblocks Props, Maple Cottage Props

Sister on pink rug Calgary Newborn Baby Girl Calgary Newborn and mom Calgary Newborn and family Calgary Newborn and Dad Mom and Dad with Calgary Newborn sleeping baby with blanket sleeping baby girl newborn

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