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Newborn Photography Workshop with Sandra Hill Photography

As a newborn photographer, I think it’s important to continue learning regardless of what point you are in your photography journey. A year after attending Nicole Smith Photography’s workshop (read about my experience here), hosted by Sandra Hill Photography in Brantford Ontario – I returned to do 3 on 1 mentoring with Sandra Hill. Sandra is a huge ‘photographer crush’ of mine. Her work is absolutely breathtaking and she poses with perfection. I have always admired how she keeps everything so simple and all about the beautiful baby. In my personal newborn photography style, I like to keep everything as pure as possible. I love those fresh newborn details and want baby looking natural.

My trip to Brantford was a fairly last minute decision and I am so glad it all came together (it was also great that I didn’t have very long to count down since I was so excited to go). For the day, we had two adorable newborn models (the hair on every baby was amazing!). We started with beanbag posing and I learned so many simple tips to help keep baby cozy and transition from poses as smoothly as possible. The close up shots are some of my favorite as it shows baby’s beautiful ‘fresh’ details. After doing poses on the beanbag, we learned some great techniques for photographing babies in props. One of the last things that we learned was the potato sack pose – this pose was actually one of the main reasons I wanted to mentor with Sandra. She makes it look so easy and having the correct wrap is of utmost importance for making this pose safe. In the year after mentoring with Sandra, this pose has become my most requested – and babies love it too because they stay nice and cozy!

The trip was over way too fast and I was sad it had to come to an end. I learned so much and would highly recommend Sandra’s workshop or mentoring to anybody looking to improve their newborn photography. Here are some of my favorite images taken during my trip. All images are styled and posed by Sandra, and photographed and edited by me.

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